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About Youngistaan

Youngistaan was found in February 2017, Youngistaan is based in Ludhiana, Punjab with multiple projects that run throughout the country.

We are a platform for young people who are ready to create real change in the areas of hunger, homelessness, poverty, education inequity, gender inequality, taboos on menstruation, emergency responses, animal rights, capacity building and many more issues. 

Causes We Support

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Our Impacts in Numbers

Adoption is unique stories, woven together, creating a movement that has changed the lives of millions of children.



We believe that to help them live better. 16 Cities Support us


Success Campaign

The result of the hard work together. We so proud of this result.


Campaign Running

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Giving a donation to Youngistaan can help us to reach more children transform their lives for the better.

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    Our Partners

    Everyone here is passionate about their work, incredibly smart, and genuinely kind.

    Fighting poverty and campaigning for a just and sustainable world isn’t an easy task, and certainly not one that we can do by ourselves. So, Youngistaan has teamed up with some of the most effective organizations out there so you can hear the best stories and take the right actions. These organizations conceive, build and execute the programs and projects that enable us to push for change, and a better world for people and the planet.

    Become a Volunteer

    You can contribute your time, skills and knowledge through volunteering with the Youngistaan. This is an opportunity to create a positive impact.